The Research and Extension Journal

The DMMMSU Research and Extension Journal was first crafted and published as the official publication of the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University in the year 1981. It publishes original research and extension outputs from individuals,institutions, or organizations within or outside DMMMSU in the field or agriculture,forestry, biology, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, education, arts and communication, general sciences and technology.

During its initial years of publication, a semi-annual and a generalist’s traditional type of journal was printed until its last June 2014 issue. A peer-reviewed publication of research outputs was realized in the January-June and July-December 2016 issues. However, annual issues of peer-reviewed publications started 2017 untilits 2020 issue. Articles for 2021 and 2022 issues are on the review process. Accepted, reviewed research and extension outputs and published in the DMMMSU Research and Extension Journal are given monetary incentives and complimentary copies of the copyrighted journal/publication.

Manuscript Structure

The first page of the manuscript should contain only the title of the paper and the names and address of the authors. The corresponding author, his/her telephone and tax numbers and/or email address should be indicated as a footnote.

          The second page should contain only the title, abstract, and keywords. The abstract should briefly present the scope, major results and conclusions of the paper and should not exceed 250 words. A list of 4-6 keywords should immediately follow the abstract.          

  The main portion of the manuscript should start on the third page. It should be divided into the following sections: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion (and Recommendations or Implications, if applicable), Acknowledgement (if any) and References. Each section may be subdivided into subsections.

Submission of Manuscript

Contributors are required to submit two (2) sets of manuscripts written in English and typed double-spaced on one side of short bond paper (8 1/2 x 11 inches). An electronic copy of the paper should also be submitted indicating the word processing program used. All pages should be numbered consecutively on the top right corner, including those containing tables and figures.

          Submission of the manuscript is understood to mean that it is original and unpublished and is not being considered for publication elsewhere. Authors may submit manuscript as email attachments. Hard copies of each manuscript should be sent to:

Prof. Eden F. Mamaril
The Editor
DMMMSU Research and Extension Journal
DMMMSU, Bacnotan
2515 La Union, Philippines

Manuscript Review Process

All manuscripts are revised by at least two (2) referees prior to publication. The manuscript may be accepted, considered accepted with revisions, or rejected. Paper recommended by the experts are subject to scientific editing at the editorial level followed by editor’s approval for publication. The DMMMSU Research and Extension Journal tries to publish papers within the prescribed time.

Additional Notes to Contributors


References should be cited in the text as follow: single author, Bacusmo (2018) or (Bacusmo, 2018); two authors, Chen and Lee (2018) or (Chen & Lee, 2018) ; more than two authors, Palomar et al. (2019) o (Palomar et al., 2019). The references must then be listed in alphabetical order at the end of the paper and should confirm to the styles of APA 7th ed. in writing citations.

Illustrations and Tables

Figures should be of good quality and should have thickness of lines and size of lettering and other symbols to allow reduction of their original revisions up to 50%. They must not exceed the letter sizes of bond paper. Explanatory notes to tables should be indicated by superscript small letters. Figures and tables should be printed on separate sheets and placed after the reference section (i.e. not inserted in the typed text). In addition, they should be provided with concise captions (above for tables and below for figures) which adequately describe their contents. Photographs should be submitted as high contrast glossy prints. Color prints may include if color is necessary for clarity.

Abbreviations and Units

Only SI units and abbreviations should be used. Normal and moral concentrations should be written in italics N and M, respectively. The following standard abbreviations should be used: mg, g, kg, km, mm, cm, m, vpan, s (second), h (hour), min, 1 (liter), ml, m-3, kg per km or kgha-1 ( the minus index should always be used in tables and figures). Latin biological names should be italized or underlined.