TitleResearcherDurationTotal Approved BudgetFunding Agency
1. Production and Distribution of Ready-to-eat Hygienically Dried, Vaccum-Fried, and Vaccum-Packed Fish Products as Quick Response to COVID-19 PandemicAnabella ValdezJuly1-December 31, 20201,257,210.00DOST-PCAARRD
2. Rapid market Appraisal cum value chain analysis of Corn in Region IArnelie G. LaquidanAugust 2019 «appJune 2020891,770.00DA-RFO1
3. Pilot testing of Probiotics and prebiotics from agricultural wastes for Improved tilapia pond cultureCLSU, PSAU, DMMMSUJune 1, 2018-June 30, 20193,625,917.00PCAARRD
4. Effectiveness of Web-based Genomic Nursing education interrelation 2020-2022DMMMSUJanuary 2020-December 2022  UEF
5. Human Rights of the Human Left: Integration of Human Rights Education in the Curricula of SUCs in Region 1Rozzanne Victoria B. VillaminJanuary-December 2020500,000.00CHR
6. Formulation and Standardization of guava (Psidium Guajava) Extract as Antibacterial Body Scrub  Elena C. Amano  June 2018-May 2019    International Spiritual Welfare Therapeutic Massage School/ Private  
7. Sustainable Production, Marketing and Utilization of Improved Bolinao Chicken in Ilocos RegionCynthia M. Rodriguez  February 1, 2018-January 31, 2021  5,514,810.00DOST-PCAARRD  
8. Establishment, Development and Promotion of Apiculture in the Province of Lanao del NorteGeorge BondotMay 2017 «app June, 20203, 000,250.00DA-BAR
9. DOST-PCAARRD-DMMMSU Agriculture, Aquaculture and Food Technology Business IncubatorAdriano Esguerra Victoria Malaya Annabella ValdezAug. 16, 2018- Aug.15, 20207,796,712.00DOST-PCAARRD
10. Optimization and Popularization of Garlic Bulbils Production through Improved Management Practices and Community-Based Approaches in La UnionEladio Camalig, Jr. Julius Amoyen Jr Valdez Kevin EliasOctober 2019-October 20215,000,000.00DA-BPI
11. Enhancing and Sustaining Production of Garlic through Tissue-Culture Derived Planting MaterialsAngelina Esguerra/Julius Caesar AmoyenDecember 2019-December 20226,000,000.00DA-BPI
12. Field Performance Trial for the Hybrids (NCT-HR) for 2019 Wet SeasonFerdinand M. NavarroApril 2019-April 2020112,200.00Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice)
13. Enhancing and Sustaining Production of Export Quality Carabao Mango in Support to Small HolderAngelina Esguerra Jeizel O. Labatete Analyn SagunNovember 2019-November 20201,000,000.00DA-RFO 1
14. Mechanization and Assessment for Intensified Appropriate Technology on Silage Production using Rice Straw after Combine Harvesting ProjectRaffy M. Espiritu Minerva Tabafunda Chester Libong20191,000,000.00DA-RFO 1
15. Enhancing Rocapor«apps Farm for Science for the Convergence of Agriculture and Tourism (SciCAT) Farm Development in La UnionLilito GavinaOctober 1, 2019 «app September 30, 20213,695,067.60DOST-PCAARRD
16. Food Security, Dietary Intake and Nutrition Status of DMMMSU-MLUCImma Estabillo and Geremy Cacanindin2020  DOST 1
17. Midterm Impact Assessment Study of Special Area for agricultural Development (SAAD) ProgramDMMMSU20207,251,598.00DA-SAAD
18. Enhancing Technology Transfer through Intellectual Property and Technology business Management (IP-TBM) in DMMMSURubelyn DelfinJanuary 1, 2020- December 31, 20211,631,716.00DOST-PCAARRD
19. Development and pilot Testing of Hand tractor Driven Onion HarvesterRosalinda L. AbadMay 1, 2020 «app February 28,20224,684,358.00DOST-PCAARRD
20. Metals Industry Research and Development CenterVic Palabay  18,000,000DOST-MIRDC
21. Upgrading of Animal Health Laboratory at DMMMSU Bacnotan, La UnionFe Camalig  5,000,000.00ACEF
22. Integrated Silk Industry RDE Program: A CHED-DMMMSU Mullti-sectoral  Partnership for Sericulture Technology Commercialization, Income Generation  Climate Change Adaptation and Agri-seri-tourismLilia A. Ancheta  Gerardo P. Dacayanan         Pura S. Obille  CrIsteta F. GapuzFebruary 28, 2020 «app February 2021 10,000,000.00CHED
23. Market Analysis and Product Development of Bolinao Native ChickenArnelie G. LaquidanFebruary 2018-February 20214,494,420.00DOST-PCAARRD
24. Design and Development Of  Processing Machineries for Honeybee Products and Intermediate ProductsAdriano T. Esguerra Rowel Munar Roy Laquidan Erickson Laquidan  3,888,168.00DOST-PCIEERD
25. Science and Technology Community-Based Farm on Sea Cucumber (H. Scabra) Production  in La UnionJinnie R. Mamhot Victoria Malaya Alfredo Quesada Jr.December 2015-December 2018  DOST-PCAARRD
26. Caprine Athritis and Encephalitis Survellaince in Region IFe Camalig20171,200,000.00DA-Bureau of Animal Industry
27. Enhancing a National Integrated Farm to Market Roads Implementation and development in the PhilippinesRaffy Espiritu20172,000,000.00Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries
28. Development of Sewing Machine for Soft BroomDanilo AquinoJanuary-December 2017353,600.00ICIEERD
29. Local Economic Development and Competitiveness Index for Cities and Municipalities in the PhilippinesKeneth BayaniApril-June 2018170,000.00DTI-RO1
30. Field Monitoring and Evaluation Project of the Business Permits and Licensing SystemKeneth BayaniAugust – October 2017150,000.00DTI-RO1
31. Pilot Testing of probiotics and Prebiotics from Agricultural Wastes for Improved Tilapia Culture and ManagementElizabeth Urmaza Faith Tadeo Milagros Apaga Aurora Afalla Edna Aloot Dianne PeraltaJanuary 2018-June 2019948,740.00DOST-PCAARRD
32. Skills Enhancement Training on  Mathematical Problem Solving through Collaborative Metacognitive Strategy InstructionAlfredo Fuentes Jr.August 2017-December 201750,000.00CHED Solo Research grant
33. Strengthening of Beekeeping through Capability enhancement and Upgrading of Queen Bee StocksPablo MasiongApril 2017-March 20184,000,000.00DA-BAI
34. Development of MTB-MLE Materials for Primary GradesEmmanuel SongcuanJune 2016-December 2017  CHED
35. Fast track Certificate in Teaching Program for Education Unit Takers/Second CoursesEmmanuel Songcuan Fe TangalinJune 2016-December 2017  CHED
36. Development of Chevon Based Products from Slaughter Goat by ProductsAnabella ValdezJanuary-December 2016  DOST-PCAARRD
37. Development of Goat Feeds and Feed Supplement & Production of Organic Inputs Using Goat ManurePatricia Barcelo Terson CasiJanuary 2016-January 2017    
38. Pilot Scale and Market Testing of Chevon Products from Slaughter GoatAnabella ValdezJanuary 2016-January 20174,019,829.80DOST-PCAARRD
39. Commercialization of Chevon ProductsAnabella Valdez Evelyn Ufano Rhodora Mortela 2018-2019 1,272,160.00DOST-PCAARRD
40. Establishment of Organic Agriculture Demonstration and Training CenterVirgilio M. Libunao Analyn V. SagunJuly 15, 2019-July 15 20241,950,380.00DA-NOAP
41. Enhancing the Productivity of Integrated Diversified farm and Community-based Food Processing ProgramsMarina Sabado Jesus GapuzMarch «appSeptember 20181,261,550.00DA-ATI RO1
42. Establishment of Artificial insemination Center for SwineElizabeth Galaraga2019125,000.00DA-RFO 1
43. Field Performance Trial for Hybrids (NCT HR) for 2019 Wet season  2019201,600.00PhilRice