College of Graduate Studies

Ph D Agricultural Education
Ph D Extension Education
Ph D Animal Science
Ph D Agronomy
Ph D Educational Administration
MA Educational Management
MS Agricultural Education
MSE Technology & Livelihood Education
MS Agronomy
MS Animal Science
MS Environmental Studies
MS Rural Community Development
MS Sericulture
MS Agroforestry
MS in Agribusiness Management
Master in Forestry (Non-thesis)
Master in Rural Community Development (Non-thesis)
Diploma in Agroforestry (1 year)

College of Agriculture

BS Agriculture
    Majors: Animal Science
                  Crop Science (Agronomy)
                  Crop Science (Horticulture)
                  Crop Protection
                  Soil Science

Institute of Agricultural & BioSystems Engineering

BS Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Institute of Agribusiness Management

BS Agribusiness Management
    Majors: Entrepreneurship

College of Education

Bachelor of Elementary Education
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
Bachelor of Secondary Education
    Majors: Science
Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education
Bachelor in Physical Education

Institute of Environmental Studies

BS Environmental Science

College of Information Systems

BS Information Systems
    With specialized tracks in Service Management and Business Analytics

College of Agroforestry & Forestry

BS Forestry
BS Agroforestry major in Watershed Management

College of Veterinary Medicine

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

College of Arts and Sciences

BS Biology
AB English Language