Please use the online enrollment process below as a reference:

1. Online Registration

Qualified New Students

Before completing the online registration system, download, print and fill out the Free Higher Education (FHE) Form. Prepare a scanned copy of your PSA birth certificate, Senior High School Card and 2×2 picture with a name tag (you may use your smart phones to capture these requirements if there are no available scanners).

Wait for your code numbers to be sent to you by your program chairperson via text, call, or email. This will serve as your password to access our Online Registration System. The link of the Online Registration will be uploaded soon.

Old Students

Download, print,fill out, and scan (you may use your smart phones to capture these requirements if there are no available scanners) the FHE form.

Use your last name as your username and your ID Number as your password.

For new students and old and regular students, you are not required to undertake the succeeding steps. The designated faculty member in your college will do it for you. Wait for the confirmation of your enrollment.

2. Subject Loading

The chairperson will encode your subjects into the enrollment system.

3. Enlistment and Assessment

The in-charge faculty member will enlist and assess your subjects in the system.

For irregular (old) students, visit your respective colleges during the scheduled date of enrollment to personally identify and choose your preferred subjects to be enrolled in.

4. Payment

For new students, no fees (tuition fee and miscellaneous fees) will be collected as long as you have availed of the Free Higher Education Scholarship. However, if there are fees (mostly for old students) which are not included in the FHE, the student must settle their account balances via our campus remittance partner or campus Landbank account or at the cashier’s office observing minimum health standards before proceeding to the next step.

5. Validation

The registrar’s office will validate your assessment certificates as officially enrolled.

6. ID Application

New students and transferees will proceed to the MIS Office to apply for a school ID. The schedule of ID applications will be announced during the first face-to-face meeting.

7. Student Portal

For new students and transferees, proceed to the library or other identified locations to register for their student portal. The schedule of Student Portal Enrollment will be announced during the first face-to-face meeting.