The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) recently monitored and evaluated the projects funded under the Institutional Grant (IG) and Institutional Development and Innovation Grant (IDIG) in DMMMSU on June 5 – 6, 2024. This process aims to ensure that the projects satisfy the highest evaluation standards.

The monitoring and evaluation focused on the following projects:

  1. Integrated Silk Industry RDE Program: A CHED-DMMMSU Multisectoral Partnership for Silk Technology Commercialization, Income Generation, Climate Change Adaption and Seri-Agritourism,
  2. Establishment of an Advance Technology Training Center for Robotics and Automation at the College of Technology,
  3. Upgrading of Engineering Laboratory of the College of Technology, DMMMSU, and
  4. Modernizing the DMMMSU-MLUC-ICT Research Laboratory

Ms. Noemi A. Isidro, Senior Program Specialist, Coordination and Governance Division of Institutional Quality Assurance and Governance from CHED, together with Ms. Mia F. Flamiano, Dr. Marilou P. Lucas, Dr. Cesar A. Llorente, and Mr. Dindo Pasadilla ensured a thorough documentary evaluation and deliberation on the projects. Furthermore, they conducted an onsite inspection and equipment inventory with the DMMMSU Project Team representatives.  

The evaluation and monitoring concluded with a positive outcome with the signing of the Omnibus Certification, signifying a successful outcome. (By Aniway Millares)