Four graduate students from Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU), Indonesia, are now in DMMMSU for an onsite Graduate Mobility Program hosted by the College of Information Technology (CIT) in the Mid La Union Campus from January 20 to February 9, 2024.

Ridho Fariha, Mahara Bengi, Syarifah Atika, and Muhammad Atqa Adzkia Zaldi, who are enrolled in their Master in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence program at USU«apps Faculty of Computer Science and Technology Information, are taking a three-week teaching and industry immersion with a blend of language and cultural classes co-hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences.  

When they met with the University President, Dr. Jaime I. Manuel encouraged them to enjoy and embrace the program prepared for them «appso that when they return to their country, they become leaders, innovators, and global citizens who will make a positive impact in the region.«app

The three-week program is jam-packed with industry tours with the provincial and regional partners of the CIT, which features a blend of academic instruction and real-world industry exposure. The onsite industry engagement exposes them to practical challenges, innovative solutions, and real-world applications of their academic knowledge.

The USU students will be able to teach undergraduate and graduate classes to gain teaching experience while contributing to the academic community. They will also conduct capability-building seminars and AI and robotics workshops for DMMMSU personnel. (By Jesus Rafael B. Jarata)